MileHighTree    Dynamic Light Programming, Denver, CO, USA 2019

client: Visit Denver, the convention and visitors bureau, Denver, CO, USA
constructor: ilmex SL (Spain)
design: Ben Busche / Brut Deluxe
team: Philip Baumann, Elisa Luda, Álvaro Almazán (video pixel mapping)
area: Sculpture Park, Center for Performing Arts, Denver
year: 2019   photography + video: estudio BD/ various  
status: temporary/ built
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The City of Denver, through its Convention and Visitors Bureau, commissioned us a 110 foot tall tree with dynamic lighting program and different light shows as the main attraction for its holiday season program. The tree, denominated #MileHighTree in consistency to the Denver’s city slogan (the Mile High City), is located in Sculpture Park right next to the Center for Performing Arts. 

The conic tree surface is covered with 60.000 LEDs that display through pixel mapping the different light shows created in relation to the music programme.  
The metal tree structure is fully accessible with the possibility to host up to 120 persons at the same time. The public can therefore contemplate the light and sound shows from the outside and, creating a fully immersive experience, from the inside.



Город Денвер через свое Бюро конгрессов и посетителей заказал нам 110-футовое дерево с динамической программой освещения и различными световыми шоу в качестве основной достопримечательности для программы курортного сезона. Дерево, названное #MileHighTree в соответствии с лозунгом города Денвера (Город высокой мили), расположено в Парке скульптур рядом с Центром исполнительских искусств. 
Поверхность конического дерева покрыта 60.000 светодиодами, которые отображают пиксельное отображение различных световых шоу, созданных в соответствии с музыкальной программой.  
Металлическая древовидная структура полностью доступна с возможностью одновременного размещения до 120 человек. Таким образом, публика может наблюдать за световыми и звуковыми шоу со стороны и, создавая полностью погружающее впечатление, изнутри.


press review (selection)


“The Mile High Tree is the largest digital tree in the country, as well as the tallest art installation in Denver”

LA Times:
“Also, for those who want to check out the inside, the installation can hold 140 people for (…) an immersive interior viewing experience.”

PR Newswire

“Denver's Sculpture Park to Feature America's Tallest Digital Tree Over Holidays.
As part of the annual Mile High Holidays marketing campaign, VISIT DENVER and other community partners have created Denver's newest holiday attraction, The Mile High Tree. The seven-story tall, 39-foot diameter conical structure in the city's Sculpture Park is America's tallest digital tree, and it will feature lighting and music experiences every evening from November 30, 2019…
Aptly named the "Mile High Tree," the seven-story tall, 39-foot diameter conical structure is 10 feet higher than the tallest Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in history.”



The Gazette:
“Standing 110 feet high and 39 feet in diameter in Sculpture Park at the Denver Performing Arts Complex, the enormous art installation is the largest of its kind in the U.S.”

AP News:
“The Mile High Tree will be the tallest art installation in the history of our city as well as a perfect community centerpiece for bringing people of all cultures together for seasonal celebrations,” said Richard Scharf, president and CEO of VISIT DENVER. “And, as the newest iconic attraction on the Denver skyline this holiday season, we couldn’t think of a more perfect focal point for our regional holiday marketing campaign. (…)

The company behind the lighting design for the Mile High Tree is Madrid-based Brut Deluxe, which has created light art installations across the globe.”