The wonderful and brilliant light maze parcours selfie park  New Town Plaza, Hong Kong, China 2014
炫彩夺目的灯影迷宫走廊自拍公园   2014 年中国香港新城市广场灯光设施
客户:香港新城市广场/新鸿基地产   受托方:中国香港三檁設計有限公司
地点: 中国香港新城市广场   时间:2014 年 11 月 28 日 – 2015 年 1 月 30 日    状态:临时/在建
client: New Town Plaza, Hong Kong / Sung Hung Kai Properties   commissioned by: a-rch design limited, Hong Kong
area: New Town Plaza, Hong Kong, China   year: 28. Nov 2014 – 30. Jan 2015   status: temporary/ built
photography + video /   摄影:imagensubliminal       see the video on youku / 看到优酷视频
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我们受托为乐趣横生的走廊设计一系列灯光设施。我们需围绕一个共同的主题,即打造一个吸引新城市广场日均 350,000 名游客的观光点,改变过去的迷宫概念,呈现不同的设计风格。传统的灯光布景仅可作为静态装饰从外部观赏,而我们打造的一系列设施可供人流穿行其中,特别注重内部的感受氛围。
接着,游客会进入一个采用透明有机玻璃面板打造的迷宫。迷宫面板上雕刻着同样的花朵元素,缤纷多彩的灯光从顶部和底部照射,营造出别样氛围。透明和反光效果相得益彰,创造无限的几何秩序空间,配以花朵元素,呈现无穷无尽的发光壁纸效果。该迷宫由迷宫设计师 Adrian Fisher 专为新城市广场设计。
short description:
The site is an artificial park on the rooftop of New Town Plaza Shopping Centre in Sha Tin, New Territories, in Hong Kong. The park is located on the eighth floor constituting an artificial landscape that spreads over three blocks and is used for recreation and circulation, whilst at the same time connecting several high rise dwellings, hotels, office buildings and community facilities sitting on top of the shopping centre. 
We were commissioned to design a series of light installations for a ludic parcours with altering maze concepts as the common leitmotif for the different designs that could be walked through as an attraction by part of the daily 350.000 New Town Plaza visitors. Instead of typical light motives that are looked at only from the outside and perceived as objects, we created a series of installations that can be walked through focusing on the atmosphere perceived inside.
The parcours starts with an artificial jungle of pink and white coloured flower motives suspended in an apparent random order. Surrounding the existing trees on site, the light installation evokes a dazzling atmosphere of a luminescent blooming tropical garden at night.
The following ambient is constituted by a maze build of transparent Plexiglas panels with the same flower motive carved in the material and illuminated in varied colours from top and bottom. The interaction of both transparency and reflections create and an apparent infinite space of geometric order with the flower motive acting as luminescent and never ending wallpaper. The maze lay-out was specifically designed for NTP by maze designer Adrian Fisher.
The parcours finishing atmosphere is constituted by a maze of blue coloured geometric flashes apparently floating in the sky and creating a groined vault, built just out of light.

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